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If I'm being totally honest, I have to admit that I hacked this idea for an Easter-candy cocktail from my colleague. She created a beautiful conversation-heart martini around Valentine's Day, and it planted a seed of an idea—a bean of an idea, if you will, in my brain.

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Creating The Jellybeantini: A Super-Sweet Easter Cocktail

The thing is: vodka is not my jam. I make the occasional exception, but, generally, I don't mix up vodka drink—unless, of course, I'm serving them to friends. But infusing my own vodka with jelly beans sounded sorted fun—like a science project that results in a candy-coated booze-filled celebration... What's not to like?!

To being, I separated my jellybeans by color (I just used the pinks and purples) and put my piles into individual mason jars. Then I poured my vodka (any old generic type is fine) and let my concoctions sit for a few hours.

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Jellybeantini Recipe

Once I was ready to get the flavorful fun started, I strained my pink vodka into a glass (there's little pieces of jellybean residue that remain—so if this bothers you, use a cheesecloth), and added a healthy splash of strawberry-flavored sparkling water. (A bit of simply syrup would be great too.) Then I just decorated my martini rim with a few jellybeans, and voilá, the JellyBeantini was born!

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I've got to say the super sugary sweetness of the jellybeans made my cheap vodka much more tolerable. In fact, I actually enjoyed this drink. It's a cute and colorful option for a boozy weekend brunch. (Yes, I'll be slurping this Saturday Sip well into Sunday!) Have a happy Easter!

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The jellybeantini cocktails recipe

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