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Saturday Sips: The Best Chocolate Beer

While I like beer, I don't usually drink it. I'm more of a wine or cocktail kind of gal. But, recently, I've been on a beer kick and trying new beer. It happened when I discovered the delicious concoction that is chocolate beer. Yes, it's a thing and it's just as yummy as it sounds!

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I never even knew they made chocolate beer until I saw it on a menu when we were out one night. I decided to try it and wow, I was impressed. Dark brew beer with a creamy and rich mocha flavor. Think chocolate brownie dipped in coffee.

After my first taste, I took it upon myself to look for more of this delicious beer to try. I have to say, hands down my favorite chocolate beer so far is Shake, a chocolate porter from Boulder Beer. It's like a creamy chocolate milkshake but only better, ya know, because it's beer!

These beers are perfect for the upcoming cooler weather. Give me a plaid blanket scarf, some chocolate beer, and gorgeous fall colors already!

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I've rounded up some of the best chocolate beer for you to try. They all just sound so yummy. Definitely a comfort drink that puts me in the mood for fall. Some are only available for a limited time so if you see them, be sure to grab them before they are gone!

Best Chocolate Beer

  1. Rogue Chocolate Stout - A rich and creamy stout with earthly notes.
  2. Young's Double Chocolate Stout - A stout from England with coffee and dark chocolate flavors.
  3. Shake Chocolate Porter - A sweet chocolate porter with notes of caramel, coffee and chocolate. My favorite so far! I found this at my local grocery store.
  4. Eugene Chocolate Milk Stout - A creamy chocolate milk stout. Available January through March. I can't wait to get my hands on this yummy chocolate beer!
  5. Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock - A subtly sweet malt blend made with chocolate nibs, vanilla and honey.

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.

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