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The All-in-One Craft Tub Provides Hours Worth Of Crafting Fun!


My daughter loves, loves, loves to craft. My son loves to "help" and I'm sure when he's a little older he'll love to craft too. The problem with crafting is that there are so many supplies and they take up so much room to store and cost so much to buy!

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We got the All-in-One Craft Tub from Lakeshore and absolutely love it. This compact tub comes chock full of a large variety of craft supplies. Everything a kid needs to create a fun project. From paper to pipe cleaners, feathers and glitter glue there are hours worth of supplies in the this tub. It's affordable too for only $29.99!

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What is included in the All-in-One Craft Tub:

  • 50 sheets of construction paper
  • 50 craft sticks
  • 10 mini markers
  • foam mosaic tiles
  • foam beads
  • 50 wiggly eyes
  • feathers
  • spangles
  • pipe cleaners
  • 2 different colored stretchy laces
  • plastic beads
  • pom poms
  • craft hair
  • straight edge scissors
  • crinkle cut scissors
  • .5 oz glue tube
  • 2 oz glitter glue
  • craft booklet
  • plastic tub

When it came in the mail my daughter could hardly wait until her craft play date with her friend the next day. We laid it all out and talked about what they might want to make with the supplies. I love that it comes with a craft booklet with suggestions and instructions of some crafts you can make.

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The girls decided to start with making frames for us moms. They glued the colorful wooden craft sticks together and decorated them with feathers and spangles and doodled on them with the mini markers.

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While their cute frames were drying they decided to make jewelry for themselves. My daughter made a bracelet and her friend made a necklace.

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After a while, the girls wandered off to play with dolls. When the play date was over my daughter came back to the Craft Tub and created a butterfly with some construction paper, pom poms and goggly eyes. She bawked a the fact that we had to put it away for dinner. I think she could have crafted all night, she was having so much fun!

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We easily stashed our craft supplies back in the handy tub and put them away for later. A few days later she pulled the All-in-One Craft Tub back out after school and created cute puppets of her, her brother and our cat!

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Having a huge variety of supplies that fits neatly into one box allows kids easy access to their supplies and keeps it all in one place. Just pull out the box and let kids use their imagination to create whatever they want. They can use the instruction booklet to get an idea and then run with it. I love that it gives them creative independence to express themselves.

We've already enjoyed hours of entertainment with the All-in-One Craft Tub from Lakeshore and we've barely made a dent in our supplies. I love that everything fits back in the tub for storage. Definitely a winner for rainy days, Spring Break crafting and Summer vacation! We might even pack it up and stow it in one of our suitcases for our trip to visit Grandma this summer!

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Shop! The All-in-One craft tub is a great deal for only $29.99 at Lakeshore online store. Save 20% with coupon code: 9721 (expires 3/31/2015). Shopping a store? Print the coupon here.

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