The 60-Second Makeup Challenge


Who has time to put on a full face of makeup in the morning?

Not this mom.

It's a miracle I have a minute to brush my teeth and run a comb through my hair most days. Eye shadow is just not top priority when you have a screaming infant and a "tantruming" toddler demanding your undivided attention.

But I still want to look presentable and feel pretty--which means I have to make the most of the spare 60 seconds or so that I do steal in front of the mirror each day.

Hence the "60-Second Face." In an effort to master my "makeup minute", I've pared down my routine to the bare minimum... Minimal time. Minimum number of products. Minimal effort.

My 60-Second Face is all about attaining a glowing complexion. Here are the steps I take to look, well, human every morning. (BTW, If you're skin is already perfect, I recommend that you spend your free minute "amping up" your eyes with mascara.)

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1. I swipe on a pea-size dollop Complexion Rescue from Bare Minerals (it's super hydrating and gives my skin a delightful dewy glow.)

2. I use an illuminating flawless concealer from Trish McEvoy to brighten the dark rings under my eyes.

3. I use a flat bronzing powder from Bobbi Brown.

4. I take a beat to evaluate the results... but only if my kids will let me!

What products would you use in your "60-Second Face?" Set your stopwatch and give it a go... Challenge accepted.

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