Stylish Beach Accessories for a Day in the Sun, Sand, and Surf

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I've been coveting this Eugenia Kim sun hat that's been all over Instagram for the past two months. With a wide-brim and the words "Do Not Disturb" embroidered on the front, it's the ideal accessory for a quiet day of reading on the beach. Built-in shade, some peaceful privacy, and a side of fabulousness—sign. me. up.

But I just can't justify the jaw-dropping $485 price tag—it's bound to get wet and distorted or chlorine stained by the pool. Not for nothing, I also have a reputation for losing expensive summer accessories. Sunglasses might as well be disposable in my book. And, once, a straw hat just blew right off of my head and into the water (au revoir) during a speedy boat ride. It's tough summering in style.

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So when I spotted this $26 oversized beach hat in the junior's department (yep, I shop the tween section!) of Nordstrom, I knew I needed to have it. It's exactly what I've been looking for. Plus, the expression ("come sail away") is a little less jaded, and much more appropriate should this hat also find its way into the ocean.

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A pair of new sunnies, plus my fave sun-protecting hat make for a chic sartorial statement as we kick off the July Fourth holiday... To celebrate the extra-long weekend, I've rounded up a few seriously cool (but not seriously expensive) beach accessories.

1. BP Come Sail Away Floppy Hat, $26/ 2. Old Navy Ombré-Gauze Tassel Cover-Up, $15/ 3. Bauble Bar Bali Tassel Pendant, $32/ 4. Quay Australia Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $50/ 5. Liberty for Havaianas Flip-Flops, $42/ 6. Merona Straw Tote, $35/ 7. Sylvia Alexander Starfish Sarong Shawl, $15

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Of course, the best beach accessory is a cute sweaty baby, but I can't help you there...

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