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Style: The Gifts That Always Fit (For Her!)

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Let's face it. Buying a gift for that special girlfriend, mother, wife, or best friend isn't always the easiest of tasks. Why? Well, because women can be quite particular about things like sizing, fit, feel, and a whole other variety of things that make it impossible to buy when they haven't tested it out for themselves. So, around the holidays when you're running around town and scratching your head trying to think of what to get, let me tell you that there are plenty of great gifts out there that are considered a "one size fits all" present. Thank goodness, right?!

Here are just a few things that I've been relying on over the years that are not only fool-proof, but can also be quite personalized as well.

Details for the images are down below! 

1. Jewelry. Obviously you can adjust your price point accordingly when it comes to jewelry so what I did was pick two of my favorite and personalized pieces that I've gotten over the past few years that are budget friendly and quite popular. Alex and Ani make these great and stackable bracelets that come with little charms attached. Take some of the biggest personality traits or even hobbies and likes to try and decide which bracelet would best match who you're shopping for that day. They have university charms, birthstones, and even inspirational charms in endless supply. I wear mine all time and you can mix and match to your hearts desire. I also love my initial monogram necklace mostly because the signature font it comes in appears to be just a pretty pendant but on closer inspection, you can see that it's designed with whatever letters you chose. 4 years later and I still receive compliments on this necklace all the time. Bracelets.Initial Necklace.

2. Accessories. Keep her warm but with a little added "luxe" to the mix. Sure, we all have gloves and scarves and those everyday basics but what most of us lack are those pieces that we take out for a slightly more special occasion. Adding a little faux fur or soft cashmere makes fighting off those daily winter elements just a little more bearable. Faux Fur Scarf.Cashmere Gloves.

3. Bags. Most, if not all women, have something they use everyday to carry their essentials like wallet, phone, keys. And if I'm willing to take a guess most women are carrying a brown or black bag because, hey, it goes with everything. A great idea is to consider buying something that she wouldn't necessarily buy herself. I love the look of a beautiful red bag and honestly, I think it goes with just as much as your basic black and brown. It's the perfect pop of color and it will work all year long. I also love the idea of having a small statement clutch for those special occasions when you want to put your big, everyday bag to the side and pull out something special. Leopard is a great alternative to simple, pattern-free evening bags and, again, it goes with everything. Red Bag.Leopard Clutch.

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4. Travel. Again, something we don't really thing and I'm always guilty of wrapping my jewelry in tissue paper every single time I travel. If you're looking for that gift for someone who is always on the go, this is a great idea. Hey, if you have little lit left over, you could always sneak a little something extra inside the case! Travel Jewelry Case.

5. Monogram Box. I adore these little personalized boxes that could literally be used for just about anything. It comes free of compartments and while the sky is the limit, I would most likely use it as an actual gift box and put something small on the inside as well. While it's got great potential for functional purposes, it also looks just looks great wherever you decide to put it. Personalized Box.

6. Camera. I mean, are we flashing back to the 80's here, or what?! I love this little camera that delivers pictures in an instant and aside from how cute an sleek they look, wouldn't it be nice to finally have some non-digital pictures to look at these days? I swear, most of my favorite shots are sitting on my computer or in my phone. Adore this little camera! Camera.

7. Watches. It's okay if you're pretty sure whoever you're shopping for "already has a watch" and in that case, I think it makes my two top choices all the more better to consider. The most common and everyday seen watches are pretty standard in color and size, which is great! To make this gift stand out, pick a watch that has a colorful strap or even mixed materials. I love the combination of gold and tortoise here because it's a classic combo that can be worn everyday but still stand out from the rest. Diamond and Leather Strap Watch.Gold and Tortoise Watch.

I hope we've inspired you to feel a little more confident when you're out shopping for that special girl in your life! These are just a few of my favorites to get you started but once you're out and about, you'll see that their will be price points comfortable for everyone's budget.

Let us know if you have found the perfect gift!

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