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Splish-Splash: Trendy Pool Floats and Toys

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Toy Tuesday with this breaking news... It's National Swimming Pool Day! (It's basically a national holiday.) And so we think it's completely acceptable to abandon every work-related responsibility, annoying errand, and household chore to jump. in. the. pool! (You can tell your boss we said so.)

I love the beach, but I'm a big pool gal... and my water babies can't get enough splashing time. Here they are this past weekend getting wet and wild with Daddy. (And, don't worry, no phones were harmed in the taking of this picture.)

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Our summer is all about relaxed pool-play and silly water-fun. We're especially loving the trendy, kitschy, and cute floats that have become all the rage as of late (what little girl wouldn't adore a unicorn float--and what big boy wouldn't want a "private jet" to land in the water?!) As for me, I want that giant sea shell (and a full-time babysitter to watch my kids while I mindlessly float).

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Of course, pool floats and toys provide hours of amusement, but safety comes first in our backyard. To celebrate National Pool Day, I've rounded up a few of my favorite finds for a day of fun in the sun (and in the water!), and highlighted some of my own important reminders, plus some tips from the pros at American Home Shield. A happy, healthy, and safe swimming day to all!

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  1. Hashtag Pool Float, $79 / 2. Rainbow Unicorn Float, $99/ 3. Seashell Float, $ / 4. Gumball Machine Float, $33 / 5. Gummy Bear Float, $28 / 6. Pretzel Float, $17 / 7. Popcorn Float, $33/ 8. Private Jet Float, $99 / 9. Pineapple Pool Float, $25
  1. Don’t forget to apply SPF before and during pool play. This is, hands down, our current fave!
  2. Never leave children unattended in or around a pool. You have to remain alert, attentive, and vigilant. (The days of getting absorbed in a good book and a poolside cocktail are gone... at least until the next sans-kid vacay!)
  3. Early swimming lessons are a great way to get the kids familiar with the fundamentals of water safety.
  4. Screw on drain covers tightly and make sure diving boards and slide ladders are secure.
  5. Make sure all chemicals in the pool are balanced with a home pool water test kit.
  6. Keep flotation devices clean and in reach in case a swimmer needs extra help.
  7. Ensure your fence’s lock and self-closing gate is intact.
  8. Consider having a qualified pool inspector come to your home to make sure that your pool and the surrounding area are safe and swim-ready!

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.

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