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Spending Smarter and Shopping Savvier at CVS Pharmacy in Target

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I enjoy shopping as much as the next gal, but I’ve been trying to curtail my habit with a mission to be a savvier spender. Nevertheless, I could easily give all my money to Target and CVS. And now that CVS Pharmacy is inside Target—well, there goes next month’s paycheck! At least I’ll be stocked up with everything I could ever possibly need—shampoo, toothpaste, mascara, lip balm, allergy meds, toilet paper, fashion accessories, groceries, shoes, baby diapers, furniture… Oh, CVS and Target—you both make me so happy! Seriously though, having CVS inside of Target translates to serious convenience. It gives me and customers around the United States access to a nationwide network of trusted pharmacies (those CVS pharmacists are pros!), plus easy-to-use digital tools.

I love snagging the latest and greatest in the health and wellness aisles, (and getting my family’s prescriptions at the same time—win-win!), but I also really like saving mullah. And that’s why I’m a loyal ExtraCare member. It helps me save big bucks on everything I thoughtfully or compulsively buy at CVS. (Like you don’t recklessly shop the nail polish section too. All those seasonal Essie colors really add up!)

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So, yes, I’m happy to get all those awesome personalized coupons in my inbox, online, on my receipt, and at the ExtraCare Coupon Center. The ExtraBucks Rewards are my favorite because they’re basically like “free money.” I get 2 percent ExtraBucks rewards back from every regular purchase. It accumulates fast. And, because I also opted into the ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards program, when I fill 10 prescriptions (something that’s easy to do as a family of four), I can earn $5 ExtraBucks rewards.

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Plus, with the ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards program, I earn on things like vaccinations—‘tis the (flu) season, after all, and signing up for email refill reminders. We'll definitely be taking advantage of the flu shots offered at CVS Pharmacy in Target. You get a tangible "thank you" in the form of a $5 Target gift card if you receive your vaccination at a CVS inside Target. Basically, CVS is rewarding me for trying to keep my family and myself healthy.

I can earn up to $50 Pharmacy & Health ExtraBucks Rewards each year. That’s $50 I can use on my next big nail-polish splurge… And while I’m at it maybe I’ll buy a top to match my new hue. Now that CVS and Target are in one convenient location, my shopping sprees have been streamlined… but at least I’m spender smarter!

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