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Sleepy Baby Nursery Light—and a Giveaway

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A dear friend of mine just became a mama for the first time and she asked me for one solid piece of advice that might help her navigate through the early days (months, years..) of mamahood. My advice? Get baby into a routine. I never followed a schedule per say for any of my children, but I set up a routine from day one. It helped me handle my day because I knew what was coming next and it helped my babies feel secure because their days were predictable.

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We all know that a baby that gets their shut-eye is a baby that is happier in general. We established a bedtime routine early on as well and although the actual time on the clock might be different, the routine is consistent and established. Part of our bedtime routine, whether it be for nap or nighttime sleeping, was to build in a period of wind down time. The Sleepy Baby Nursery Bulb easily merged into this routine and provided the soft , soothing light to promote a restful sleep.

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The Sleepy Baby Nursery Bulb is a soft white light that not only promotes healthy sleep cycles, it encourages baby to:

  • fall asleep faster
  • stay asleep longer
  • return to sleep sooner
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The best part? You can see the benefits of using theSleepy Baby Nursery Bulb at any age. The proprietary spectrum minimizes blue light which is known to disrupt sleep. This little bulb helps baby falls asleep naturally. The light is soothing, and warm and doesn't make you want to shade your eyes. the Sleepy Baby Nursery Bulb is great for those middle of the night changings or feedings. No other light should be present in the room where the child is sleeping~this includes light from any devices like cell phones, tablets, television and even a nightlight. To promote the healthiest sleep for your child, the Sleepy Baby Nursery Bulb should be the only light source you use during the nighttime routine or in the event of a nighttime wake up. It is best that one sleeps in complete darkness ( no matter what your age!)

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The proprietary LED source works with your body’s natural circadian rhythm to help baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Other lights are more disruptive and don’t support natural melatonin production.

Sleepy Baby Nursery Bulb can used all hours of the day.

Sleepy Baby Nursery Bulb helps baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 

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MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: 30 days of purchase for a full refund and 5 year warranty.

We are giving away TWO (2) Sleepy Baby Nursery Bulb to FIVE (5) lucky readers.

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