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Sleep Tight, Breathe Easy With Newton

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I have to admit something...

My daughter is nine months old and I just—literally, just—got her into a crib. Like, two minutes ago. Okay, two weeks ago, but still... It's pretty insane.

Time just flew. When she was first born, she slept next to be in a bassinetwhich she hated. So we switched her to a pack-and-playwhich she hated. So we tried out a co-sleeper—which she hated. It was inevitable... At some point in the night, she'd end up sleeping on my chestwhich, of course, she loved. (So sweet and cute and lovely, but inevitably I'd find myself awake at 2 AM with a solid sweaty lump on my belly when I really, really just wanted my space and sleep.)

Fast forward a few months, and we've continued to have our nighttime challenges. I've tried to transition her a few times, but it was always without success. Further driving our failure, was the fact that we live in a two-bedroom home and, thus, have had to share sleeping quarters with our newest addition. We have the world's creakiest bed and every time my husband or I would breathe, she'd stir... in her bassinet... in her pack-and-play... in her co-sleeper. You get the idea. She had to be close to me. Like, really close. Like, kick-my-husband-out-of-the-bed-indefinitely close.

The icing on the cake was the immense guilt I felt letting her sleep on all sorts of dubious surfaces, materials, and fabrics. As a concerned mom, I had every intention of getting her in an eco-friendly, nontoxic, breathable mattress as early as possible. But then life happened and I got tired... then exhausted... and then totally desperate. If it meant she'd sleep for longer stretches, I would cuddle her and stroke her and nuzzle her all night long. In my flame-retardant bed, on the faux suede couch, in the stroller, etc.

When she hit the nine month mark, I hit my breaking point. Something had to give. I missed having my husband nearby. But, mainly, I missed my rest and had to stop stressing about her sleep environment. It was time for Baby P to move to a comfortable, safe, and healthy crib. Lucky for me, I discovered the Newton mattress.

The amazing Newton mattress takes every precaution possible to ensure Baby's safety. The cover and Wovenaire fill, a patented comfort-fill that allows air to circulate freely, are designed to allow air to pass with ease. Wovenaire is made of nothing but food-grade polymer and air, so the mattress is safe from off-gassing, leaching, and allergens. It's the most breathable mattress—meaning a baby can literally breathe through it (so I'm no longer panicked when I see she's roll onto her tummy in the middle of the night.)

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The mattress is completely washable, providing Baby with the cleanest, most hygienic sleeping surface possible. It also offers the perfect balance of firmness and comfort. The first time I placed Baby P in her crib she rolled around and giggled with pure glee.

It's counter intuitive, but Newton recommends not using a sheet over the mattress, since it's totally breathable. (If baby soils the bed, you just wash the mattress cover!) I honestly found this mind-blowing at first, but it actually makes life so much easier.

But what you really want to know is: How are we are we fairing, two weeks in?

Honestly, pretty darn well.

I don't want to jinx it, but Baby P has slept more soundly and more peacefully these past few evenings than, well, than the last eight months. She's slept through the night five out of thirteen nights—which most definitely trumps our previous zero-percent success rate. For the sake of transparency, I should add that we've made a few additional changes too. We've started using the Gunapod (it's brilliant) and, most notably, my husband and I have moved our noisy bed (and our restless selves) up to the attic (don't worry, it's a finished fully functional room.)

It's been a long time coming. I'm sure it's a combination of everything, but I can't help but give the majority of credit to the Newton mattress. It's been an absolute game-changer in our home. It may only be night fourteen (and counting!), but we're sleeping (hallelujah!). And I can finally breatheeasy knowing my little one is breathingeasily on what may be the healthiest, most revolutionary mattress on the market.

The Newton mattress is made in the USA and retails for $295. Find it HERE.

This is not a sponsored post. We were given a sample to review. All opinions are our own.

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