School Days Fundraiser

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I know the pain moms like me feel when it's time for the school-wrapping paper sale or the bake sale. Dread. It's stuff I don't really need or want. But the Tea Collection School Days Fundraiser is different. It's shopping for the things you need to purchase and want to purchase while also supporting your school.

Now is the time to start things in motion. The spring semi-annual School Days Fundraiser will be held from February 27th - March 6th. More than 400 schools and non-profit organizations across the U.S. participate each season.

Once you sign up your organization it's easy. Your organization will receive a special promo code to share with your community. The code offers 15% off + free shipping. At the end of the fundraiser, Tea donates 15% of your community's sales back to your organization! Shop Tea and raise money, it's that easy!

This can really add up. If 10 people from your community place an
order of $100, Tea will write your school a check for $150. The more people who shop, the more your school can raise and donate. There's no limit.

The fine print...

Your organization must be in the U.S. and certified as a 501(c)(3) non-profit to participate.

After you fill out the application, Tea send you a confirmation note. Get more details here.

Apply to Tea Collection's School Days Fundraiser!

Tea enlisted us to help spread the word. They want to program to keep growing. Right now they donate more than $60,000 to schools around the country. Good luck with your group and we hope you raise lots of money and look fabulous along the way.

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