Saturday Sips: The Mimosa Done Three Ways


I like a mimosa for many reasons. It's refreshing. It's fizzy. It's sweet and celebratory. And it's a great way to get your Vitamin C (at least that's what I tell myself). It's also the only adult beverage (besides a Bloody Mary) that's totally acceptable to drink first thing in the morning—not that I do—unless, of course, I'm on vacation. Sans kids. So, yeah, that's basically never.

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You may think there's only one way to enjoy a mimosa, but I'm happy to report that you can riff on the traditional drink in lots of fun ways. And today's "Saturday Sips" will to help you up the ante at your next boozy breakfast, brunch, lunch, happy hour... you get the idea!

Traditional Mimosa

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A mimosa is maybe the easiest drink to make—champagne and orange juice in whatever proportion you personally prefer, though the "professional" ratio is three parts bubbly to one part orange juice. Be sure that both your OJ and champagne are well chilled and fresh from the fridge before serving—a cold mimosa is the only kind of mimosa worth having! Finally, don't splurge on expensive sparkling wine; a $10 bottle of Cava will do the trick. Prosecco works well too—you just want to make sure your champagne is not too sweet.

Mimosa on the Rocks

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This is what I drink at every spring and summer wedding. It's delicious and cooling and gives you a nice floaty champagne buzz without the headache that often accompanies champagne. Fill a tall glass with ice cubes, then add two parts champagne and one part orange juice. Add a festive, colorful straw if you so choose! The ice mellows out the fizz of the champagne and waters it down a bit. Some added sliced strawberries or a splash of grenadine never hurt either.

Sherbet Mimosa

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Replace your orange juice with sherbet, and a spiked dessert is served! Place a scoop of orange sherbet in a wine glass and pour enough champagne to cover most of the frozen mound. Enjoy with a spoon, or just wait for it to melt into a deliciously slushy bubbly libation.

And there you have it. Three ways to get your mimosa fix this weekend. Enjoy!

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