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Saturday Sips: The Pink-Flamingo Cocktail

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Flamingos are majorly on trend right now. I've had to stop myself—multiple times—from buying the ridiculously oversized hot-pink pool float that's been all over Instagram and magazine spreads (I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about). My 18-month-old daughter has multiple flamingo-print ensembles (including a bikini—squeal!)... And I even got myself a flamingo top. What can I say? I can't resist a tropical trend!

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So, naturally, when I saw this flamingo ice tray and these flamingo party straws, I couldn't help but snap them up for a super pretty-in-pink Saturday Sips post! Of course, the cocktail color, itself, had to be equally bright and girlie... It had to be as pink as possible. I instantly knew what to whip up!

My college drink of choice was Malibu Rum mixed with Crystal Light pink lemonade. I used to call it "the pink-panty pull-down." (And, no, it didn't make me lose my inhibitions—I was just very fond of alliteration back then... Some things never change!)

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Yep, to create this deliciously coconuty cocktail you'll need the following: Malibu rum, Crystal Light pink lemonade mix, water, and ice. Pre-mix the lemonade with water and then add an equal amount of rum. It's that simple. Nowadays, I add a few lemon wedges for a pop of sunshiny yellow.

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I'm sad to say the flamingo ice cubes were a bit of a bust. The necks are so thin and delicate that the ice easily breaks. Plus, once you add them to a glass, you can't really differentiate between your flamingos and your regular cubes. Still, they're super cute in theory!

Sip on one of these, and you'll feel like you're lounging poolside at a fancy Caribbean-inspired resort in Palm Beach... Enjoy!

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