Saturday Sips: Surviving the Snowstorm With Wine—All. Day. Long.

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T-minus 10 hours until bedtime... Yes, I'm already counting down the minutes and nano-seconds on this cold, snowy, blustery Saturday morning.

The Great Blizzard of 2016 has arrived, and the hubby, kids, and I are trapped indoors for the foreseeable future (AKA the weekend). My two littles have been up since 4:50 and 5:55 AM, respectively—and cabin fever is already in full effect.

My solution for the housebound blizzard blahs: coffee + wine. Or, better yet, just wine. In a coffee cup. Yes, I think it's totally acceptable to break the 5 PM wine-o'-clock rule on a snow day—within reason, of course. And these clever mugs give you and your day drinking a stylish sense of humor.

So, fill 'er up and suck it up, mamas... Bedtime will come. Eventually. And, until then, sip responsibly.

Top Left to Bottom Right: 1. “I Wish This Was Wine” Mug, $12 /2. “Coffee JK… This is Totally Wine” Mug, $12/ 3. “Shhh… There’s Wine in Here” Mug, $ / 4. “It’s Decaf, Because Wine Isn’t Caffeinated,” Mug, $13 / 5. "There’s a Chance This Is Wine,” Travel Mug, $18 / 6. “Life Is What Happens Between Coffee & Wine,” Mug, $14 / 7. “Coffee Keeps Me Going Until It’s Acceptable to Drink Wine,” Mug, $18 / 8. “I Just Rescued Some Wine, It Was Trapped in a Bottle” Mug, $15 / 9. “Coffee Is My Daytime Wine” Travel Mug, $14

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(P.S. If you heart coffee and wine, check out last week's "Saturday Sips," which involved Merlot-infused coffee beans. You're welcome!)

For more Saturday Sips, visit Momtrends. They're rounding up drinks that will keep you warm!

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