Saturday Sips: Spicy Tequila Sunrise

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Turn it up a notch this Saturday (or Taco Tuesday!) with a Spicy Tequila Sunrise.

We love eating Mexican inspired foods around here. It probably helps that, because we live in Arizona, we are close to the Mexican border. My neighbors make tamales year round and prickly pear jam during the summer. Our farmer's markets are full of different peppers and all the restaurants in town have some kind of peppers on their menu. I'm not the only one on the block with a Salsa Garden— my friend and neighbor started hers a few weeks after we did.

The DIY raised garden we made with our kids has been doing so well, and the kids are love helping us take care of it. We decided to take Taco Tuesday to the next level with some spicy tequila. You might have seen our little teaser on instagram. We infused our tequila with some jalapeño and it was pretty awesome.

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To infuse your tequila, just grab a jar, some tequila, and a jalapeño (we used one of the jalapeños we grew in our garden). We cut our jalapeño in half and added it to about 6 oz of tequila (enough for 4 drinks). We left our jalapeño for just over an hour but you could leave it another hour for even more spice.

Then we made some Spicy Tequila Sunrises and served up some tacos, yum!

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Spicy Tequila Sunrise

  • Orange juice
  • Grenadine
  • Jalapeno infused tequila

Fill a glass with ice. Add your shot of tequila then pour in the orange juice. Be sure to fill the glass with orange juice almost to the top, but not quite. Add the grenadine by slowly pouring it down the inside of the glass. The grenadine will go to the bottom and slowly rise up through the orange juice to create the sunset look.

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For another colorful drink to serve on Taco Tuesday, be sure to check out the Blood Orange Margarita recipe.

Now head on over to Momtrends, and see what they're sipping on this Saturday!

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