Saturday Sips: Rosé + Tea = The Perfect Evening

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Rosé tea, fresh flowers, and a brand new journal—this is my Saturday evening in a nutshell. It’s pretty much perfect, right? (Actually, I wanted pink peonies, but alas the store was out of my favorite spring bloom.)

I know the whole scene is fairly clichéd, but I don’t care. Call me girlie, call me “basic,” call me a bandwagon-hopper. What can I say? I love a crisp, bright, and refreshing class of rosé. And 'tis the season to be sipping—rejoice!

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I’m trying to get some work done tonight (wild weekend over here!), so I’ll be skipping the regularly scheduled rosé session and indulging in Sonoma Rosé Iced Tea instead. (And, yes, I’m drinking it out of a mug because it’s just so apropos!)

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Made with harvested fine wine grape skins from Sonoma County, this tea varietal is enhanced with strawberries and apples, and has a light and slightly fruity flavor—which I enhance with fresh berries. It’s absolutely delightful. And it’s the most lovely shade of pink. Ah, yes, my night is shaping up to be pretty… well, pretty!

Happy Saturday Sips, friend!

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