Saturday Sips: Girl Scout Cookie Cocktails

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My fellow Saturday Sipper over at Momtrends has jumped on the Girl Scout cookie bandwagon ('tis the season, after all) and publishing an absolutely awesome wine and cookie pairing guide. (I mean, it really is all in the name of editorial research and public service!)

Since I, too, am a fan of delicious treats, delightful libations, and weekly celebrations, I decided to do a little digging of my own and scour the internet for a few insanely over-the-top cocktail recipes inspired by the iconic cookies.

I’m a bonafide Samoa addict, but I do enjoy the occasional Thin Mint or shortbread. I mean, a cookie is a cookie is a cookie—and who am I to say "no" to a tempting treat that benefits the kids! (I do it all for those uniformed cuties!) And so it's in their honor that I devote tonight's Saturday Sips to the most decadent grown-up dessert drinks of all: Girl Scout cookie cocktails!

1. Samoa Cookie Cocktail via Wine and Glue/ 2. Girl Scout Cookie Shooter via That’s What We Said/ 3. Spiked Trefoil Milkshake via Serious Eats/ 4. Spiked Do-Si-Do Milkshake via Serious Eats/ 5. Thin Min Martini via Celebrations

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