Saturday Sips: DIY Pineapple Bottle

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We hope you had an incredible Thanksgiving! Now that the big autumn holiday has come to and end, it's time to get thinking about all the upcoming December festivities.

Usually December means a bunch of holiday soirees: dinners, cocktail parties, brunches, and other fancy gatherings. That also means a ton of host/hostess gifts to give. Bringing something to the party is always appreciated, and instead of bringing a boring bottle, why not transform it into decor that's adorable AND edible?

Here's what you'll need:
Wine or Champagne bottle (Champagne works best due to the shape of the bottle)
Yellow and Green tissue paper
Rolo Candy
Hot Glue

First, cut the yellow tissue paper into 2 inch squares and hot glue a Rolo candy to it.
Then do that several times over and over again. I like to form a little assembly line so that I get the bulk of them done and can just fill in later if I need to. Then get gluing to the champagne bottle. Start at the bottom and glue all the way around the base. Then begin staggering them up to the top. You'll see it begin to take shape as you continue up the base towards the neck.

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Once you reach the top (right below where the label ends), you can stop gluing the candies. Next, grab the green tissue paper and scrunch it together. ::Scrunch is a VERY technical crafting term::

Hot glue one piece to each side of the neck. 

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Then, using twine, hot glue around the greens. Put a tiny dab of hot glue to hold the twine in place, and then wrap all the way up the neck to the top. 

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Lastly, trim the greens in zig-zagged cuts to give them a more leafy appearance. Voila! A super-cute gift that has a personal touch and is oh-so-trendy.

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This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.

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