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I have to admit something...

I use the terms "romper" and "jumpsuit" interchangeably. (I know, I know—pretty unforgivable stuff.) But, technically speaking, a romper is a one-piece outfit that's short; and a jumpsuit is a one-piece outfit featuring pants. Really, though, they're both super-awesome and totally effortless ONE-PIECE OUTFITS—so for the sake of this blog post (and its cutesy title), can we just agree that they're basically the exact same thing, 'kay?

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Technical term aside, I'm absolutely obsessed with this mauvey-pink cotton romper jumpsuit by Wilt. It's cozy, breathable, and insanely comfortable. But, best of all, it's an instant outfit. I don't have to think when I throw this on—it's practical, effortless, and forgiving to boot. Plus, the built-in lightweight pants make it a perfect option for those hot days/weeks when you neglect to shave your legs... Not that I ever let that happen. Wink-wink...

Casual and cool with flip-flops for a busy day of errands, or totally on trend with pumps for a night out, the cotton jumpsuit has become a versatile staple in my summer wardrobe (just like those chic Celine sunglasses!).

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My affinity for the romper applies to baby clothes as well. And this Popsicle-print bubble romper from Giggle is the sweetest little things I've ever laid eyes on (besides the model, of course!). Much like the grownup jumpsuit, the bubble-romper style is an instant outfit—and it's ideal for the sizzling hot days of summer. I love me a baby girl in a dress, but it's just not the most practical daily option for an infant. (They just end up eating their outfits!) A romper, on the other hand, snaps at the bottom—so it's sensible and stylish.

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I've rounded up a few summer rompers for Baby and summer jumpsuits for Mom. Wear them together and your little one will be romping with mom. Or jumping with mom. Either way...

1. Giggle Bubble Romper, $15/ 2. Peek Chambray Romper, $38/ 3. Mud-Pie Lady Bug Pocket Bubble Romper, $32/ 4. Carter’s Embroidered Romper, $8

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1. W by Wilt Scoop-Neck Cropped Jumpsuit, $45/ 2. BB Dakota Melissa Jumpsuit, $105/ 3. C&C California Wide-Leg Sleeveless Chambray Jumpsuit, $45/ 4. C&C California Tri-blend Racerback Jumpsuit, $40

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