Toy Tuesday: Skylight Rocket Blaster

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We're going "classic" with today's Toy Tuesday post...

Not that we don't love screens and techie toys and all sorts of fancy gadgets and gizmos here at The Shopping Mama. But, sometimes, it's the good old-fashioned fun finds that keep us coming back for more and more, again and again.

And this stomp rocket blaster is a classic that my little guy can't get enough of. And, as a parent, I like that it encourages him to play outside, get physical, and ask questions—like, "Mom, how does this thing actually work?"

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The Skylight Rocket is kid-powered (and sometimes Mommy-powered!)—and can send foam-tipped rockets up to 20 stories high—or 200 feet up in the air—from it's original launch pad, with a simple squeeze or a small step or a stubborn stomp or a massive jump! Air flows through the hose and sends your rocket soaring. (Just look out for trees—we got ours stuck a few times, and getting it out was the hardest part.) You can adjust the stand so your rocket is pointed straight up, diagonally, or sideways. My wannabe astronaut kept trying to get it up on the roof. ("Uh, Houston. We have a problem.")

The Skylight Rocket comes with two lighted rockets, so you blast off into space—even in the dark! The blinking lights add an element of excitement, and make it look like a real space mission!

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Good news—the rockets don't hurt if they come right back down on you. I should know, I took a rocket to the head a few times. But we also made a fun game of it where I'd try to catch it on its way back down to earth.

3-2-1, let playtime begin!

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