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QBit Compact Stroller is Built for Life On the Go {Video}

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We've used our fair share of strollers over the past 8 years so it's pretty noteworthy when we encounter one with a brand new feature. And, friends, the GB QBit compact stroller is definitely worth your attention. While the brand name is new, GB creates products for the world’s most recognized juvenile brands. With more than 25 years of design, development, and testing, GB Child USA is now introducing a line of strollers and car seats.

QBit Stroller Video

GB QBit Stroller Features

The QBit compact stroller is built for travel and life on the go. Here some of our favorite features that we highlight in the video.

  • Award-winning sleek design
  • One-hand super compact fold
  • Travel bag integrated under the seat for easy access
  • Full size canopy and storage basket
  • Lightweight - only 14 pounds!
  • Reclining seat
  • 5-point safety harness

The most attention-grabbing feature is definitely the compact fold. Not only it is super easy to fold the stroller - only one hand required - but it is small enough that it can fit in the overhead compartment of most airplanes. Add in the included storage bag and lightweight frame (only 14 pounds), the QBit couldn't be easier for travel. In addition to being a rockstar for plane travel, because of the compact size, the QBit is ideal for car travel. Traveling with kids means you're taking everything but the kitchen sink and won't take up precious space. It can even rest on the floor of the car below little feet.

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Even with its compact size, the QBit stroller still has a full size seat with comfort features. The seat isn't particularly deep but there is a stationary footrest to provide leg support. The seat reclines and the padded shoulder straps adjust to achieve the best fit.

If you're looking for the convenience of a travel system, the QBit comes with adapters that make it compatible with GB Asana35 and GB Asana35 AP car seats.

QBit on the Runway

Max sat in the QBit recently when we welcomed home some heroes from deployment. He was under the weather and just waking up from a nap so the comfort of the stroller was a welcome spot for him.

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Shop!GB QBit Lightweight Stroller is available in Aqua, White or Raspberry for under $180 at Babies R Us.

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