Purple Up with The Rosie Project - Month of the Military Child

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April is the month of the military child. As a military family ourselves, we know exactly how hard the military life can be on our kids. All that our kids know is the military life. It's not a bad thing, we love being a military family, but it has it's own set of challenges.

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Our oldest, Ariana, has lived in 2 states (3 if you count while Dad was TDY and we packed up our stuff and shipped it to Germany, moved in with my Mom all while we tried to sell our house in a different state) and 1 different country and she's only 7. She's missed her Daddy through 3 long deployments and countless TDYs.

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She's made friends all over the world and said goodbye to some of the best people. She's slept on air mattresses for longer than we would have liked, helped pack up her toys for months, decorated new rooms, learned new addresses, and started new schools while living in a hotel.

She's traveled places we never would have been before and gotten to experience so many new things. She's learned a new language. She's brave and strong and resilient. She's proud of her military heritage and we're proud of her!

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Tomorrow, April 15th, is "Purple Up" for the military child day. Everyone is invited to wear purple in support of military children.

She'll be wearing her favorite shirt from The Rosie Project apparel. We love their styles for the modern military family and they're custom made by two military spouses, Kate and Jenny.

We've also rounded up some cute graphic tees for the modern military kid.

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Proud Military Kid // Camo Kid // BRAT // Military Kids are the Best // Welcome Home // Support the Troops // Proud Military Kid // Hero Dad

And if you have a deployment coming up you might enjoy reading our 5 Tips to Help Kids stay Connected During Deployment.

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