On the Road with Kids

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During the summer, my kiddos and I always head back East to Georgia or North Carolina to visit family. Being on the road with children is a different kind of family bonding, that's for sure. Shoving everyone in a small space—whether it be a car, plane or train—for an extended period of time can get old, fast. But there are ways you can make it through, and I'm sharing some of my great on-the-road trip gear and tips for kids.

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When my daughter was little and we planned our first trip, I was a mess. A MESS. It felt like I was taking everything plus the kitchen sink. Now that my son is a toddler, I'm feeling a little more confident with what to bring and what I can live without. For the kids—pack them each one small backpack with toys and snacks to have during the car, train, or plane. Small is the keyword so that they don't end up complaining about carrying it, and so that you don't wind up hauling it all or dealing with a meltdown (which I can't guarantee won't happen regardless).

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Road Trip Toys for Kids

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  • Babiator Rocket Pack: We love the rocket pack. It's small so it's perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.
  • Melissa and Doug Water Wow: This no-mess water painting entertained both my kiddos during our road trip to the beach.
  • ViewMaster: Sometimes classics are the best. The view master is fun and you can get tons of different picture reels to look at.
  • Snackeez Cup: Keep both snacks and drinks together in this easy to use cup.
  • Babiator Sunglasses: Flexible, but durable Babiators offer 100% UV coverage.
  • Fire Kids Tablet: Sometimes kids need to be plugged in for a while especially on long road trips. The Fire Kids tablet is a great one to get for the kids.
  • Headphones: These headphones are fun for kids but also offer sound limits to protect little ears.
  • Lacing Cards: For another unplugged toy, try lacing cards. Help kids focus on their fine motor skills while you drive.

When it comes to taking gear on the roads for kids, often times, less is more. Less to haul around and less to worry about. I will say the traveling high chair was a great addition for visiting family. Our little guy isn't quite big enough to reach the table in a chair, and when we get together with family we don't always have an extra high chair to use.

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Road Trip Gear

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Now we're ready to hit the road! Happy traveling friends!

This is not a sponsored post. We did receive samples to review.

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