Coffee Is a Lifestyle

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It's a cruel, cruel joke when you're coffee machine's glass carafe shatters at 6 AM on National Coffee Day. (Insert all the angry, non-caffeinated expletives.)

Yes, this actually happened to me this morning, and I had to go without my early doctor-recommended* dosage of liquid gold until after I got my four year old off to school. Let's just say I was not my cheerful self at the Pre-K drop-off door. (*not really, but it is necessary for the well-being of my family and friends.)

Now, with a Venti Pike down my throat and in mah belly, I'm feeling a bit more like a better version of myself. Thanks, Starbucks. I knew I could count on you... (If only I could say the same thing for my darn coffee pot!) It's not just about the early boost of energy either. I just love starting my day with steaming-hot mug of delicious rich java. I try to take a few minutes, amidst the manic rush-hour madness, to reflect on the day ahead with coffee cup in hand.

True coffee addicts aficionados understand that coffee is more than a beverage, more than a means to caffeine, and more than a "habit." It's a lifestyle.

To celebrate National Coffee Day, I've rounded up a few fabulous finds that spread the java love. Cheers to that. Now I'm off to buy a new coffee machine!

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  1. Hello Coffee Tee Shirt, $48 / 2. Adulting Is Hard Mug, $15 / 3. Coffee Now Sweatshirt, $79/ 4. NYC Coffee Cup Pin, $12 / 5. Love & Coffee Cell iPhone 6/6S Case, $8/ 6. Coffee Art, $17 / 7. Espresso Sock 3-Pack, $/ 8. Need More Coffee Tee, $13 / 9. Coffee Slippers, $81

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