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Welcome to Kindergarten: Gimme All the Name Bubble Labels!


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Rookie mama mistake… I sent my son into the first day of Kindergarten without properly labeling every single item on his being.

Sure, I took a Sharpie to his backpack and notebooks, but I neglected to touch his thermos, his water bottle, his lunchbox, or the very clothes on his back... Alas, he came home on that first day, super excited to tell me everything, but super bummed to realize he was missing his most a beloved red sweatshirt. Not only that, he informed me at pickup that "THREE other kids have the EXACT save R2-D2 water bottle! We could, like, trade, and you wouldn’t even know the difference."


Oh, silly, silly, smilly me. What was I thinking?! I’m a true newbie school mom, and totally unfamiliar with the big, wide world primary school… Turns out, this is the labeling big leagues! And so it's time to swap out the permanent marker and step up my personalization game. 

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Week two of K has started and, thus far, we’ve held on to all of our belongings—because I’ve become a labeling machine. And, no, this mama is not spending hours, minutes or even seconds sewing on patches. I’m avoiding sticky situations with press-and-stick Name Bubbles!

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With lots of sizes and designs to choose from, there are countless ways to customize labels for your kiddos—from simple chevron rectangles to polka-dot circles to adorable unicorns stickers.

They can go on all types of surfaces and materials—and are even dishwasher and laundry safe. Heck, they're microwavable! So I can slap the appropriate label on his snack-time tupperware and his daily gym clothes without worry.

He was so excited when they arrived and helped me put labels on all of his things—even if he did occasionally use the wrong size and type label for certain items, it got him involved and super excited to head back into the classroom with everything personalized!

It's not too late to get your personalized labels for your kiddos' school gear (that Sharpie isn't going to last long!). Head on over to Name Bubbles and find the perfect customizable "school label packs" for your students. The sets include lots of sizes and shapes made for clothes, shoes, gear, and other daily school essentials. Name Blubbes is a smart solution to keep your kids' stuff OUT of the lost and found box... Time is a-wasting so get ordering now; and if you find my son's red sweatshirt, can you send it my way?!

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P.S. My little preschool-bound unicorn doesn't start her program for another week... but how cute are her new labels?

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