A DIY "Hug Card"—Plus, More Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day!


Grandparents. They're the best. Ever since I was a little girl, my grandmother always sent me beautiful cards. Her handwriting was iconic: beautiful script and a classic style. She definitely fostered my love of writing, sending hand written letters, and hoarding gorgeous stationery. When I saw jewelry from Heidi J Hale, I fell in love with the personal touches they incorporate into their designs. I latched onto the idea that I could get my grandmother's handwriting onto a piece of jewelry that I can wear with me always. 

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Again, I must say: grandparents are the best. They give amazing hugs, always have hidden candy somewhere, and are perfect secret keepers. Here are some other great ways to celebrate your own grandparents on their special day, Grandparent's Day, which is on September 10th.

Make a Hug Card

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You don't have to be super crafty to make this card. First, trace your child's hands on colored construction paper of their choice. Let them cut out their own hands and decorate them. Punch a hole at the bottom. Have them stretch out their arms while holding a piece of string and cut the length. Attach the string to each hand and boom! You have a hug that you can send in the mail. So cute, so easy, and will bring so much joy to those grandparents. Watch our video to see how to do it:

Make an Instagram Photo Book

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Chances are Gammy and Pop Pop aren't on Insta. (Major super cool bonus points if they are, though!). We know you have incredible photos throughout your social channels that they probably don't get to see. A beyond easy way to show them without straining their eyes looking at your smartphone is a photo book from ChatBooks. Their platform is user friendly and straightforward with fast turnaround time.

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