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Starting with the gift of life Moms give us the best gifts. They sacrifice sleep and are always there to kiss our boo-boos or offer advice. Moms give us more than that though. Maybe your Mom gave you your great fashion sense, your love of baking, or the ability to sniff out a great bargain. Moms give us the best of themselves and this year let's give our Moms the best gifts in return.

I got a lot of my best qualities from my Mom. My favorite one has to be my love of the outdoors. Whether I'm exploring a new vacation spot or just gardening in the backyard, my Mom and I both love being outside under the big blue sky. And of course when we step outdoors we do it in the latest fashions.

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This picture was taken on a family trip to Sugar Mountain, North Carolina one winter in the early 90's. Don't you love those bright fashionable snowsuits!

I always remember taking trips to the beach but this is the first mountain trip that I can remember us taking. We bought a fancy sled with a steering wheel and "brakes" especially for this trip. Of course us kids had fun riding it over and over on the hills outside of our cabin. But, what I really remember the most about that trip was the time my Mom took her turn on the sled. There she was, my Mom, who was always dressed to the nines and ran a successful bridal shop, flying down the powdery hill. The wind was whipping in her face and laughter was overtaking her as she struggled to steer through the snow drifts. My sister and I were in hysterics of course, cheering her on and shouting out directions from further down the hill. When she finally made it to the bottom of the hill we were all in a fit of giggles!

I love that memory of her "letting her hair down" and enjoying being in the wintery outdoors with us. That trip brings back memories of snow suits, hot cocoa, tons of snow, the sledding incident and lots of fun together as a family. It's funny the memories that stick with kids isn't it?

Speaking of funny family moments, check out this funny Kmart commercial featuring an awkwardly adorable Mother/son dancing duo! I love it!

When you and your Mom are getting ready for your next outdoor adventure accessorize in these pretty Spring finds at Kmart. A floppy sunhat from Jaclyn Smith, Adam Levine Cat Eye Sunglasses, Bongo Gold Ring Thong Sandals and of course a Nikon 3100 DSLR around your neck to capture all those memories together.

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What are some of your best qualities you got from your Mom? Which of these Kmart finds would make the best gift for your Mom?

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