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Micro Kickboard Trixx Scooter: Kick it Up a Notch!


I have discovered that the older my kids get, the harder they are to shop for. Sure, the latest gadget or gaming system is usually a good bet, but we prefer something to engage, entertain and keep kids active. We've talked before about our love for Micro Kickboardscooters, but the Trixx Scooter may just take the cake.

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The MX Trixx is Micro Kickboard's entry level stunt scooter designed for beginners to learn tricks. Perfect for kids ages 8 to 14, the Trixx is compact and lightweight making it easier to maneuver and carry. The one piece handle bar is not adjustable and designer to be perfect for younger riders - it seems to be the perfect height for my almost 9 year old.

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The MX Trixx has metal core wheels, a flex brake, and a lightweight aluminum deck. Micro Kickboard claims all of this makes it perfect for "laying down tricks" - and all I know is that if I tried to do a stunt on a scooter I would be the one laying down. In pain. But, my son? He loves this thing.

Now, I'll be honest, my son is not destined for the X-Games circuit so the fact that he attempts - and lands - jumps at all is pretty impressive. I'm going to go ahead and credit the smart design to his trick success. Of course, he also uses it nearly every day (still - no snow yet!) to scoot to and from school so the Trixx is great for every day riding in addition to trickster-ing.

The Trixx is currently on a great discount on the Micro Kickboard website because they recently launched the colorful Trixx 2.0 - the brands newest freestyle scooter.

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Gift Guide Pick

We like the Micro Kickboard Trixx so much that it is featured in our Holiday Gift Guide. We think this is a perfect under the tree "Wow" gift for difficult-to-shop for tweens.

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Speaking of our Guides, the Trixx is so cool it made the cover of this year's Back-to-School Guide.

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Shop! The Micro Kickboard Trixx two-wheeled scooter is currently marked down from $130 to $80.

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