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Messy Hair, Chic Graphic Styles

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Two weeks after my first child was born, I went to my trusty salon stylist and requested the ultimate cliche: a bob. I wanted my hair short, blunt, and fuss-free. Truth was: It was a small miracle I managed to brush my teeth most mornings. But my hair? Um, so not a priority. I had no time for flat irons, curlers, combs, lotions, potions, and sprays. I required a cut that would allow me to walk out of the shower and let nature run its course—no blow-dryer, no effort... no nothing! My "mom bob" was admittedly a bit boring, but it served its purpose and helped save me precious minutes and precious energy—two things I was seriously lacking at the time.

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Eventually my hair grew out as my baby grew bigger. He no longer yanked at my ponytail every time I held him or threw a fit if spent more than thirty seconds in the bathroom. I was actually able to use a curly brush, and get fun flirty layers and bangs cut! Of course, just as I was getting used to this luxuriously long look, Baby No. 2 was born...

This second time around, I haven't even had a spare hour to get to the salon to get a trim. And, so, fast forward a few months, and my roots have grown out (like woah!) and my mane is basically one big knot morning, noon, and night... I have a wild toddler and a needy infant at home—soooo, #MESSYHAIRDONTCARE. (Pretty sure that mantra rings true with all moms!)

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I unabashedly rock the messy top bun to preschool drop off. I run errands with a rats-nest knot at the base of my scalp. And I let my little one tug at my strands like I’m her living, breathing puppet. I have embraced the messy hair trend like nobody else (or, rather, like everyone else who has kids under the age of four!).

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Yep, no shame here. Give me a cute top, a Venti coffee, and a ponytail holder—and I'm good to go. I've rounded up a few cheeky-chic graphic tees and tanks that celebrate my messy-hair mommy lifestyle. Because, in case you were wondering if my five-inch black roots and frizzy ends were a conscious choice... Just read the shirt.

1. Mom Buns & Extra Shot Lattes Tee, $/ 2. Messy Mama Hair Tank Top, $25/ 3. Messy Hair Don't Care Tank, $25/ 4. Early Mornings, Messy Hair, Strong Coffee Striped Tank, $27/ 5. Messy Bun, Tea & My Bed Tee, $29/ 6. Jeep Hair Don’t Care Tank, $18/ 7. Proud Supporter of Messy Hair & Sweatpants Baseball Tee, $29/8. Coffee + Messy Buns Tank, $18/ 9. Messy Bun. Yoga Pants. Mascara. Caffeine Tee, $26/ 10. Messy Bun & Getting Stuff Done Tank, $38/ 1. Gym Hair Don’t Care Tank, $16

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P.S. Baby P's Old Navy onesie should actually say "Barely Any Hair, Don't Care."

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