Maty's All-Natural Cold & Cough Products (& a Giveaway)


Nothing hurts a mama more than one of her little is under the weather. We have been treating my middle daughter this week for a whammy of a cough and cold. I always try to use more natural rememdies when treating my children, and Maty's all-natural cough and cold products have been in my arsenal for years. Not only are all the products free of toxic chemicals, they are safe, effective and really get the job done! My favorite mom hack when dealing with a bad cough, is to layer the bottom of the feet with Maty's vapor rub and top with socks. This lets the magical power of Maty's really sink in and my kiddos always get the long-lasting congestion relief they need.

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Maty's Vapor Rub is all-natural meaning it does not contain any Petroleum or any other toxic chemicals. Maty's all natural vapor rub uses a blend of essential oils to create an effective Vapor Rub that provides soothing relief from even the nastiest of colds and coughs. The blend of essential oils boosts immune function while it helps to open air passages. You can use the regular formula on children ages 2 and up, and there is a specially formulated vapor rub for younger babies.

My other favorite products from Maty's include the all-nautral cough syrups that contain real buckwheat honey, immunue boosters and there's no side effects to worry about OR drug interactions. The cough syrups work hard to soothe a dry throat and quell a persitent cough. I love that Mty's products are free from gluten, dairy, soy, corn, and are preservative, artificial sweetner, and color additive free.

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Maty's products were created by a mom to help treat her daughter (born with severe heart defects) in a safe, effective and all natural way. She "applied modern knowledge of nature's healing agents to age-old remedies" to develop all natural remedies to help regain one's health. All Maty's products are all natural and made in the USA.

Maty's Giveaway

One lucky reader of The Shopping Mama will win a Maty's all-natural cold and cough remedy bundle.

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