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Lil' Bruisers Linzer Tart Cookie Kit

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My kids love projects. Painting projects, crafting projects, baking projects... you name it, they want to get into it! And that's great—as a work-at-home mom, I'm always looking for activities to keep my kids engaged and entertained and quietly occupied. Of course, sometimes I want to join the messy fun too, and then the three of us have the best time ever, getting our project on! What's the point of working from home, after all, if I can't take a much-needed coloring break or indulge in a long playground lunch.

Today's project was one I didn't want to miss. As a longtime Linzer Tart lover and eater, I was instantly sold when I learned bout Lil' Bruisers. It's a charming kit with all the necessities to assemble your own Linzer Tarts—without actually having to mix and blend and pour and shape and bake. Now that's my kind of cooking!

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Beautifully presented in a cute retro-chic box, the kit includes twelves delicious pre-home-baked cookies—both fronts and backs—and Baby P and I can attest that they are, indeed, delicious, one jam jar, a wooden knife for spreading jam, and a powdered sugar shaker.

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My favorite part was the sugar sprinkling—because who wouldn''t want to make it rain powdered sweetness? My mini cookie monster really enjoyed all aspects of this morning's activity—spreading the jam, pouring the sugar, and well, taste testing everything. Unfortunately for my husband (another Linzer Tart aficionoad0), the majority of the ones our own lil' bruiser made didn't make it to the plate... Eh-hem.

Lil’ Bruiser Linzer Kits are $25 a box, plus shipping and are available at www.lilbruiser.com/. Cookies are baked fresh on demand so orders take about a week to ship.

This is not a sponsored post. We received a sample for review. All opinions are our own.

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