Let Kids Design Their Own Clothes


Kids are often full of imagination and brimming over with creativity! My daughter is always drawing and painting pictures in her sketchbook. Recently, she has gotten inspired to design outfits and had even taken to creating shirts out of paper taped together. When I stumbled upon Picture This, I knew Ariana would be over the moon. Picture This is a new company that allows kids to bring their imagination to life and lets kids design clothes!

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How cool is that! Picture This was created by a mom, Jamie Newberry, who had the idea after her own daughter drew a picture and she wanted to create a dress out of it. I love the idea of making her creations a hands-on piece of artwork that she can wear proudly!

Picture This: Kids Design Clothes

  1. Print off their template from their website.
  2. Let your child's imagination run wild and color and design their dress.
  3. Take a picture of the finished masterpiece and send it to Picture This.
  4. Your child's custom dress will arrive in a few weeks.
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Ariana loves her ice cream music dress! When she wears it, she calls it her popstar princess dress!

You don't have to restrict their imagination to just crayons either. Kids can use crayons, markers, or even use stickers to create their own personalized dress. Let them "wear their imagination".

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Ariana loves the way that her custom dress turned out. It's bright and colorful (like her personality). It's got an ice-cream microphone, music notes and stars all over! She loves to wear it on days she has music class, orchestra or whenever she breaks out her karaoke machine!

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This is not a sponsored post. We were sent samples to review.

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