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Twinning and Schwinning—Mommy-and-He Bike Rides

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For my son's birthday, my husband and I decided, after much debate, that the best—and only—gift we’d get was his very own bicycle. His first set of two wheels—well four to train with. And sine we wanted him to feel confident and cool, only the best would do—so, of course, it had to be a Schwinn!

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Schwinn SmartStart bikes are designed with kids' safety and comfort in mind. They feature narrower pedal positions that match the width of a child’s hips, producing a stronger pedal stroke. The pedal position is also moved forward to increase the leverage to make pedaling easier. SmartStart bikes have fast-start gearing that reduces top-speed, meaning a child can start quickly, and you can stay next to them once they start going. They also have a reduced overall weight, making it easier for a little one to handle, maneuver, and stay in control. Smaller grip diameters are made with small hands in mind for easy holding and steering. In short, they’re designed to fit a child's proportions, so that a young rider can focus on learning instead of the fear of falling.

The 16-inch Schwinn SmartStart Scorch bike is ideal for kids who measure 38 – 40 inches. The bright yellow color and flame-like accents make it a fun and fiery choice for young speed-racers. We knew our guy would love it.

Naturally, as an admittedly nervous helicopter mom, I was somewhat dreading the idea of chasing him around the neighborhood while he took off on his own. That’s why my other half and I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to participate and help Grant learn to ride a bike—it would have to be by riding alongside him on my own two wheels.

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Alas, the expression “it’s like getting back on a bike,” is quite deceiving. I say you can forget how to ride—and I kind of did! That’s why I was excited to get my own Schwinn for learning and riding and playing with my son. And I let my husband do the stressful, sweaty, exhaustive work of running behind us.

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I forgot how liberating a bike ride can be. And it’s especially exhilarating when you’re coasting around on this beautiful Schwinn Gateway cruiser. I mean, I feel like all that’s missing is a baguette and peonies! My Schwinn helmet has a designated hole for a ponytail, which is pretty brilliant in my humble opinion. For Grant, we went with a spiky dinosaur helmet. We love the bright yellow color (for style and safety) and he loved the "mohawk" look.

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Our first bike-riding lessos was a bit shaky for both of us, but Grant picked up the rhythm pretty fast (and so did I). I was amazed that within 20 minutes, my husband was able to let go. Better still, Grant asked him to let go! Best of all, I was able to watch this and experience it alongside them, thanks to our mommy-and-he Schwinn bicycles.

This is not a sponsored post. We received samples for review.

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