Laundry Tips for Busy Moms and Messy Kids

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I recently saw a quote that said "The most memorable days end with the dirtiest clothes". I completely agree! But, I'm also a Mom who has to deal with all those dirty clothes at the end of those memorable days and that can stress me out. This past week my daughter's elementary school hosted their annual Mudventure fund raiser. Needless to say, there was lots and lots and lots of mud.

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Rolling in mud. Sliding in mud. Laying in mud. Playing in mud. Throwing mud. You name it, they did it. There was so much mud and so much fun! (And so much muddy laundry!)

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Kids are messy. Having fun can be messy. I want to be able to enjoy making those fun, messy memories with my kids without having to worry about dirty laundry. With that in mind, I'm sharing a few of my laundry tips for busy moms and messy kids because a little dirt never hurt!

Laundry Tips for Busy Moms and Messy Kids

Pre-sort Whites and Darks

Get rid of the individual hampers and get a presorted laundry hamper with separate space for whites and darks. Keep it in one central location and have everyone presort their dirty clothes at the end of the day. When it comes time to do you're already ahead of the game and know which load needs to be tackled first.

Use Laundry Pods

ARM & HAMMER™ Plus OxiClean™ Stainfighters Power PAKS Laundry Detergent are fast and effective. They provide 4 in 1 performance which means less work for me. They have deep cleaning crystals that brighten and whiten and you don't have to deal with mess, spills or measuring. Just throw 1 (or 2 depending on your load size or dirt level) into your washing machine and then toss in your clothes.

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ARM & HAMMER™ Plus OxiClean™ Stainfighters Power PAKS Laundry Detergent combine the powers of OxiClean™ Stainfighters and ARM & HAMMER™ baking soda in crystals form. This formula contains active stain fighting ingredients that tackle even the toughest stains including dirt, grass, oil and even blood! A fast and effective way for busy moms to keep their messy kids laundry clean.

Get the Kids Involved

Let kids bring dirty laundry from their rooms. Have them gather all the towels or help strip down the beds. Mine especially love to help make the beds. Depending on their age most kids can put away a stack of folded shirts in the drawer or hang up dresses in the closet. Even some of the littlest helpers can match socks or stack up underwear while you fold larger pieces. Find tasks that suit their age and abilities. Don't be afraid to get the kids involved in a chore that will help them when it comes time to run their own household.

Check Tags Before Buying

I'm always trying to remind myself to do this one but buying easy to wash clothes makes laundry easier on you. Nothing is more frustrating than washing a load of clothes and pulling out some shrunk clothes from the washer/dryer at the end of the day. I try to always buy clothes that don't require any extra steps during the laundry process. Most days I don't have time for it or I just plain forget that the blue shirt needs to be laid flat or is dry clean only, oops.

Create a Laundry Schedule

Don't save all your laundry until the weekend when it's family time. I try to wash towels and sheets on a certain day and several times a week I start a load of laundry as soon as I get out of bed (even before coffee). I'm able to throw the clean laundry in the dryer before heading out the door for school and fold it while I'm watching a favorite tv show at night. Find a schedule that works for you and try to stick to it. That way you won't end up under a mountain of laundry on the weekend. You may have to play catch up before can implement an effective schedule and that's okay too.

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Hopefully these laundry tips will help you when it comes to laundry for your messy kids. I'm learning to embrace the mess and not to worry (too much) about the dirty clothes.

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Learn more about ARM & HAMMER™ Plus OxiClean™ Stainfighters Power PAKS Laundry Detergent by going to the Arm and Hammer website. Please note: Keep laundry pods away from children.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Arm & Hammer. The opinions and text are all mine.

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