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Lovely Ladybug Finds for Kids

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My kids are totally into science and nature. I wanted to find to bring science and nature to life in our home - literally. I stumbled upon Ladybug Land a few months ago for a birthday gift for one of my daughter's friends. My daughter was intrigued by the whole idea of "growing" your own ladybugs so this summer we got her a Ladybug Land for our house. I also shared a few other Ladybug Finds that little ladybug lovers will adore!

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What Is Ladybug Land?

Ladybug Land is a clear dome "house" where ladybug larvae grow and pupate into ladybugs. Your Ladybug Land arrives with actual ladybug larvae! They aren't nearly as cute as ladybugs are. My daughter was shocked to see how different the ladybug larvae looked from actual ladybugs that we are used to seeing.

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How Does Ladybug Land Work?

First, when your live larvae arrive you have to prep the Ladybug Land to be their home. Ladybug land comes with a small dropper and sponge that you moisten every few days. The tube of ladybug larvae contains food and a few strands of paper.

Then, you dump the contents of your tube, ladybug larvae, paper and all, into your Ladybug Land and watch your little larvae eat, crawl around and grow. After that, they pupate for a few days and then a pretty little ladybug emerges!

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Lastly, we fed the ladybugs, raisins cut in half.

Once we observed them for a day or 2 and then set them free in our backyard.

The ladybugs were fun to watch and the kids loved the hands-on experience of being part of nature.

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After having ladybugs in our house and watching them grow for a few weeks, my kids were both ladybug obsessed. I rounded up some lovely ladybug finds that any ladybug lover will adore!

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1. Skip Hop Ladybug Backpack $19.99 // 2. Ladybug Land $17.99 // 3. Western Chief Ladybug Boots (prices vary by size) // 4. Ladybug Wings and Headband $10.44 // 5. Ladybug Wheely Bug $59.99 // 6. Ladybug Tea Set $37.49 // 7. Ladybug Girl Book (prices vary) // 8. Cloud B Constellation Night Light $31.70 // 9. Ladybug Jumper Trampoline $99.99 // 10. Ladybug Play Tent $25.99 //

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