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Spring around here has meant a lot of time outdoors. We've been gardening with our kids making this cool DIY raised garden and we decided we needed some cute, kid friendly garden markers. I found these cute safari animals for only $1 each and I thought they would make cute additions to our garden space.

We decided to paint them and used chalk markers to add labels. Now our garden is a colorful safari!

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Safari Animal Garden Markers Supplies

  • Plastic safari animals
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Chalk markers
  • Clear spray paint

Gather your supplies and take the kiddos outside to paint their animals. I let each kid choose 1 color for each animal and we got to painting.

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Judah's favorite animal is a lion and his favorite color is blue so there was no surprise that he choose to put those 2 together. We just used acrylic craft paint we had on hand. The only supplies I bought for this were the plastic animals from Walmart ($5 total) and some clear spray paint for $3. The whole craft was under $10 and a great afternoon of fun outdoors.

Safari Animal Garden Markers Directions

1. First we painted the animals (we had plenty on hand!)

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2. Being outside on a breezy day, they dried pretty quickly. A few of them took a second coat of paint in some spots to cover up their original designs.

I wrote on them with chalk markers which plant they were going to "guard".

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3. Then I sprayed them with a clear glossy spray paint to help seal it. This also dried pretty quickly even though the can said 1 hour before handling, the kids were too excited to wait and as soon as they felt dry we added them to our little garden.

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Our safari garden animals are so cute and really brighten up our garden while we are waiting on our crops to come in. If you don't have a vegetable garden like we do you can decorate these safari animals and leave off the names and just have a cute garden safari among the flowers.


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