Keep Connected With the Ultimate Digital Video Monitor

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What did parents do before video baby monitors? I truly don't understand... How did moms survive with audio alone?!?

My husband chastises me for literally watching our baby-monitor screen like it's a compelling soap opera. I'm glued to it from the time my sweet love-bug's head hits the crib mattress until the second I go to sleep. And then I wake up multiple times throughout the night to check on her. Tell me you don't do the same?!? (Husbands just don't get it!)

So, yeah, our Motorola MBP853CONNECT camera and monitor both get a lot of use in our household. From me. And since the camera is Wu-Fi-enabled, I can check on my little one when I'm working or running errands from a mobile device via Motorola's Hubble app. Or, you know, when the hubby and I are out on a date... You know he loves it.

Here are the best features of this monitor:

*The Motorola MBP853CONNECT Digital Video Baby Monitor features Wi-Fi Internet Viewing
*You can access and control the HD video streaming camera remotely via the free Hubble app
*Receive notifications about movement, sound, and temperature
*Infrared night vision
*Two-way radio communication
*3.5" color LCD screen

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