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Keep Baby Rear-Facing for Longer and #TurnAfter2

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September is Baby Safety Month—and as a blogger and mom, I want to do my part to spread the message about keeping infants rear-facing in car seats until they turn two.

That’s right, Mamas, resist temptation and keep those bucket seats backwards for as long as you can... But, how, you say when your squiggly little monster is kicking and crying and uncomfortably squished?! It’s a conundrum I knew all too well with my first. His epics fits and scrunched up legs had me convinced it was time to turn the car seat around—even though he was only 18 months old.

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Well, times have changed and, lucky for you, so have the car seat options… You can now snag yourself a car seat that adequately accommodates your feisty growing guy or gal! Enter the Chicco Fit2 Infant & Toddler Car Seat.

The Fit2 Infant & Toddler Car Seat offers two positions to easily fit both infants and toddlers, making it possible (and simple!) for parents to follow the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation to keep children riding rear-facing until the age of two—at minimum.

There’s no doubt that rear facing is the safest option—so I love that Chicco, a tried-and-true brand, which has been manufacturing quality gear for 50+ years has solved one of Mom’s biggest headaches! (And I’m being literal here—the cries of my unhappy son, during long drives, used to give me pounding migraines.)

The Fit2’s ingenious intelligent two-stage design, allows you to easily convert it from its infant position to its toddler position using a built-in lever. Featuring a unique one-hand carry handle adjustment, the Fit2 also has an innovative chest clip that was designed with both infants and toddlers’ comfort in mind. Of course, it’s also compatible with most Chicco strollers—for the traveling convenience of us mamas on the move!

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I got my hands on a Fit2 when Chicco first launched them earlier this year—and their important TurnAfter2 Campaign, which aims to educate parents on the importance of keeping little ones rear-facing for as long as possible, really resonated with me.

This love bug of mine is an itty-bitty two year old. In fact, to be more specific, she’s still an itty-bitty at two years and nine months. Since she’s lighter and shorter than most kids her age, we were able to use our Chicco Fit2 well beyond the 24 month marker. And, I say, why not keep kiddos rear-facing as long as you possibly can?!

To level with you though, when Little Lady broke her femur earlier this year, she was put in a body-restricting spica cast, and had to use a special car seat which could only be used forward-facing. I was so disappointed—because I knew that once we went forward there was no going back. Literally… And so I reiterate: fight the urge and wait. Those toddlers will have plenty of time to sit forward facing soon enough. There’s no rush.

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Chicco continues to work hard to educate parents about the safety benefits of riding rear-facing for longer. They’re encouraging parents to use the #TurnAfter2 hashtag on social media to share photos of their rear-facing riders (even if it’s NOT in a Fit2!). So help spread the word and share your photos! If you’re looking for a Fit2 of your own, they retail for $279.99 on and in-stores and online at Babies“R”Us!

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