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#FewerWorries Twitter Party
Tuesday, 11/15 at 1pm ET
Hosts: @ChipWade @momtrends @TheShoppingMama and @AudreyMcClellan
Sponsored by: @LibertyMutual

#FewerWorries Twitter Party

As the holiday season approaches, more Americans are traveling and leaving their homes to visit family--but that's not without a little stress! In fact, 70% of us worry, at least sometimes, about the possibility of a break-in while away from home. It's time to think about ways to secure your home and sleep a little easier at night.

We'll be chatting with Chip Wade (renovation expert) and Liberty Mutual about ways to not only make your home safer, but ways to SAVE on insurance. Upgrading your home security can also equal discounts on your home insurance. We'll share all the scoop at this informative and FUN twitter party.

We're excited to have Chip Wade join us again. Chip's an Atlanta dad and a HGTV star--he's made fixing up homes his business and he's got some smart ideas on home security DIY upgrades. Get your questions ready for him.

Yes, we know you've got questions, and we have them too. I'm definitely in the "worry club"--we have sitters and cleaning folks helping out. I stress out about who has access to the home (not alone, 31% of us worry about who has access to our home). I can't wait to tell you what I've learned about smart home technology and making our homes safer. Let's all prep for the best holiday travel season ever.


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Like all of our fantastic twitter parties, this one will have prizes! To help you prep for the holidays or cover some of your travel fees, we'll be giving away $400 in Visa gift cards. You need to RSVP and tweet with the hashtag #FewerWorries to be eligible. Good luck and tweet you soon!

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