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In The Bag: Sparkle and More Sparkle!

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I love this fun feature. I'm always curious what purses people have and what all they can fit inside!

My current purse is... Betsey Johnson Fairy Bow Satchel Pink with Multicolored Sequins. My sister bought it for my for Christmas from Macy's this past year! It's not your typical mom diaper bag and I love it. Now that I have a toddler, I don't carry as much with me and since Christmas I've scaled down what I carry in my purse. Still feels like a lot sometimes.

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What's in my bag? Don't get me wrong, even though this isn't a big diaper bag, I still carry of lot of things for myself and little ones. This purse is big enough to keep all of it inside and I love the sparkles! My toddler is still in diapers so I keep a pack of wipes and a diaper or 2 in my purse at all times. My sparkly wallet is a Target find and I always think it's a good idea to have a power bank when you're out and about to keep your gadgets charged. It's good to be prepared. I love my portable pink power bank.

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I can't live without... my phone! My family lives far away so I love staying connected. I have Samsung Galaxy S5 which I keep protected with my Otterbox case. To keep my phone clean from germs and those sticky little fingers I use well-kept wipes. These little towelettes are great for keeping your phone free from grime, makeup and daily germs. How often do you wipe down your phone? If you're like I was a few months ago, probably not often. But our phone is something we touch daily, pass around, and put up to our faces. Why not keep it clean. These wipes have a sturdy opening flap that actually stays shut so you don't end up with dried out wipes in the package.

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I usually keep cheap sunglasses for my daughter and myself in my purse. She rarely wears hers even though she has super sensitive eyes. We've both been known to loose many many pairs of sunglasses but I try my best to keep a cute pair for her in my purse for those random times she complains about the sun being in her eyes.

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My mom sent my son some of my old pound puppies recently. These little ones are just the size he wants to play with and they are small enough to tuck in my purse for quick entertainment. I often tuck a little squishy dinosaur into my purse too. Rawr!

And, since Arizona weather is so dry, I keep a small bottle of water and a mini EOS hand lotion tucked in my purse to keep dry skin at bay. We keep our bodies hydrated inside and out!

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I can't be the only one who often has a handful of lip glosses in their purse. I usually end up more like 5 different color lip glosses and 2 chapsticks in the bottom of my purse. My current favorites are the conditioning treatment luxe lips sheer fig and sheer coral from Julep and flavored gloss from Victoria's Secret in strawberry fizz.

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Come back next month for a sneak peek in another mom’s bag. Here's a look at what's in Kate's Bag.

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