We usually have a good supply of red wine on hand in our home, but I try to have a more diverse variety stocked on our shelves and in our fridge as we approach the holidays. I like to have bottle of something fizzy and fancy chilled should we find ourselves having an impromptu fete--tis the season after all, but I often forget replace my champagne once I use it. But necessity is the mother of invention so we experimented in the kitchen and put wine in the SodaStream.

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How to Turn Wine Into Bubbly 

With this kitchen hack you can turn any bottle of white into a delicious sparkling wine any old time you'd like. It's perfect for entertaining, too, because you can please differing tastes with only one bottle. Serve some glasses straight from the bottle and add a little fizz to pour bubbly for others. Oh, yes he did. And the result is glorious.

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DIY Bubbly Wine Instructions

Making your sparkling wine couldn't be simpler because the SodaStream does all the work. 

  1. Fill the reusable carbonated bottle to the line. 
  2. Add as much fizz as you'd like. The wine definitely reacts differently than water, so we have learned to let it sit for a few minutes before removing the bottle from the SodaStream machine. 
  3. Remove bottle from the SodaStream, pour and enjoy!
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We've been using one of our smaller carbonating bottles (the .5 Liter size) to make a small batch of sparkling wine at a time. The wine will keep the carbonation throughout the day in the bottle, but we've found it's best to enjoy it the same day you make it.

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