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How to Transform an Office Space

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I love working from my office in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The building makes me feel super hip, and the community atmosphere is really welcoming. But I've been feeling like my space is kind of, well, dull. Since I'm allowed to make it my own, I decided to give it a little face lift by hanging some art.

Here's my desk (all cleared off), before.

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Pretty dull, amiright? But take a look at this gorgeous chartreuse petal print from Art.com. The bright color livens up my personal space and creates a fun, but still serene environment for me to get work done. With a plethora of beautiful, affordable, and versatile designs, Art.com features unique designs that transform and enrich small spaces.

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Adding a catch-all tray makes for easy organization. Inside the tray are things that I need at-the-ready, like my planner, stationery, pens, and scissors. While they're still in plain sight, the tray gives the illusion that they have a defined space.

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Instead of using a computer stand, I opted for a colorful storage box. That way, I can use the box to stow the things I don't want on display, but need to easily access.

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