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How to Make Leftovers Taste Better

What do you do when you cook a delicious meal, but your family doesn't eat everything and you end up with leftovers? Do you carefully wrap said leftovers up and deposit them in the fridge only to look at them the next day and toss them aside because they just don't look appealing? Or maybe you simply forget about them until you find them buried in the back days later. Both of those scenarios have happened more times than I can count in my house. And, frankly, not using up the food we prepare is just plain wasteful. Those leftover meals could have served as yet another dinner for my family. I could have heated them up and served them quickly to my hungry eaters on a busy night. Instead, they just landed in the garbage. So, why don't we talk about how to make leftovers taste better shall we? Let operation SAVE those leftovers commence... I just have two words for you Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE!

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What is Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE you ask? Well, the Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE collection consists of food storage containers that really do their job. Most of us have a cabinet in our kitchen that's overflowing with food storage containers that are past their prime and didn't work that well to begin them. I'm talking about leaks y'all. How many times have you had to clean up a spill in your fridge that came courtesy of a leaky storage container? If you're nodding your head, it's time to clean out that cabinet with all its mismatched lids and whatnot. Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE gives you a leak-proof seal, stain and odor-resistant material and a space-efficient design that's perfect for stacking. And did I mention that they come in five different sizes? There's a container for every occasion! I'm a fan of the multi-piece sets because you get so many options.

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Now back to that whole how to make leftovers taste better scenario...I tested out the leftovers theory myself after my mom and cooked a rather large meal for a family get-together recently. I can happily report that the meal was just as tasty the next day as it was when we served it for the first time! I was one happy mama. And as you can see, my little helper had a smile on her face too. She was more than happy to help mama put those leftovers on the table! Thanks to the oh so tight seal and stackable container features, our food stayed nice and fresh and I was able to locate all those stacked up meals right away. There was no chance of them getting lost in the fridge. AND there were no icky spills to clean up. Double score!

So, who's ready to try out Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE for themselves? You're in luck! We're giving away a 10-piece set to one lucky winner! Enter via rafflecopter below:
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