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Tips for Dealing with Insomnia

My son has ADHD and takes medication to assist with the challenges that come along with it. While the meds have definitely helped in some areas, there is certainly a trade off. He now has a really difficult time falling asleep and he doesn't often stay asleep either. The fact is, if he doesn't get enough sleep, the next day is much harder for him to get through than it would have been otherwise. The same can be said for most of us, but it's especially important for him to get adequate rest, not only because he's a young child, but the ADHD makes sleep all the more vital. It is beyond heartbreaking watching your child struggle and I'm willing to try anything that I can to help make my baby boy have a successful day!

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Now I've tried strategies like no screen time a couple hours before bed, reading a book to wind down and taking a shower to relax, but nothing has really helped him turn off his brain and fall asleep early enough. And since we couldn't get into our pediatrician this week, I turned to my favorite telehealth company, Amwell, for some help, so my kiddo, hopefully, could get some better rest over the weekend and start the next school week off right. Have you heard about Amwell by the way?

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It's a telehealth service that allows you to connect with a medical provider right from your laptop, tablet or smart phone. No more having to run to the doctor for a sore throat, allergies, ear pain or anything else you might visit an urgent care medical provider for. You can "see" them right from the comfort of your own home. How cool is that?! In fact, I spoke with an urgent care doctor about my son's sleep issues, while sitting at my dining room table sipping a cup of tea. You can't beat the convenience factor. I didn't have to wrangle my kids into the car, I simply had to go online.

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After speaking with the doctor, I now have a better handle on how to deal with my son's insomnia. He suggested that I give him Melatonin regularly versus sporadically as I had been doing. Apparently it works better after building up over time, so giving it to my kiddo every once and a while isn't optimal. He also asked if I had blackout shades in his room, which I don't. Considering that during most of the year he goes to bed when it's still light out AND there are outside lights that are on at night outside his window, this makes perfect sense....I now feel like I have some more tricks to try and that hopeless feeling I had about his insomnia has dissipated. Three cheers for Amwell! This isn't the first time I've turned to them and it certainly won't be the last!

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Here's how it works...The process is super simple. You just have to go to Amwell, set up an account, then select your service and provider of choice. I told you it was easy! So, if you feel like this service is something you want to try, the urgent care promo code MOMHELP1 will work once for 50% off one $59 visit making it just $29.50! Make sure you use before it expires on 12/31/17 though! And remember, if you have insurance, you can submit your information so Amwell can file a claim for you. They're there to help!

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