Healthy Yogurt Parfait Recipe

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Like most of us so often do at the start of a new year, back in in January I resolved to commit myself to a cleaner lifestyle and bring my family along for the ride. We just feel better when we're eating better. It simply takes a little bit of effort and discipline to put a clean eating plan into action. Now we've actually always eaten fairly clean, but there were certainly ways we could improve. So, we're cutting down on processed food and swapping out some of our go-to treats for lighter, healthier recipes like this yogurt parfait.

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Take ice cream. Since we subscribe to the go big or go home philosophy when it comes to ice cream, we tend to favor the decadent real version versus frozen yogurt. And, don't get me wrong, we will still have ice cream occasionally. We certainly aren't cutting it out completely. I believe in the everything in moderation philosophy and there is nothing wrong with treating ourselves, especially when we eat clean the majority of the time. That being said, there's no reason we can't mix in some treats that are just as tasty as ice cream and a whole lot lighter. And that's where this healthy yogurt parfait recipe comes into play. Thanks to the sweetened Greek yogurt, it will thrill your sweet tooth while serving up a generous serving of good for you fresh fruit like Wonderful Halos Mandarins!

Healthy Yogurt Parfait (yields 4-6 servings)


32 oz. container of Greek yogurt
1/2 cup of honey
1 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla
Wonderful Halos Mandarins
berries of your choice


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Step 1: Mix the yogurt, honey and vanilla together and chill.

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Step 2: Chop the pineapple, peel and separate the mandarins into sections.

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Step 3. Build your parfait by layering the yogurt and fruit, first the yogurt, then the fruit.

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Step 4. Enjoy your healthy yogurt parfait!

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