Halloween Trends—and a Spooktacular Giveaway!


Trick or Treat! Does anyone ever really pick trick? Well, we decided to change things up a bit by bringing you lots of tips and tricks to make this Halloween as sweet as can be. Check out the latest Halloween trends and don't forget to enter our Halloween Giveaway!

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One of the hottest trends we spotted for this Halloween season, is this light up costumes for girls from Out of Sight Lights.

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Choose one of four festive costumes to light up any Halloween outing whether it be trick or treating, a party or school dance. The costumes are unique, well-made, and are perfect for dress-up long after the last treats are gone.

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The tiny LED lights frame the costume and illuminate the whole silhouette. Not only do the costumes glow, but the wings do too! They are not bulky or cumbersome, in fact they are aptly named "Out of Sight" lights as you only notice them once they're lit. Not only does this Out of Sight Lights costume lend a healthy dose of cool, it also adds a built-in safety feature. Halloween is always a fun-filled couple of days for us and my daughter is so excited to be able to wow her friends with her special light up witch's garb. Now she doesn't have to juggle a flashlight and her treat bag.

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Halloween brings the fall weather along with it and, unfortunately, the onset of cold and flu season. Get nighttime relief with a Crane cool-mist humidifier. One of the first tips our pediatrician doles out is to get a good cool-mist humidifier like the kitschy looking one from Crane. It shuts off automatically when empty and doesn't need a filter. Did you know humidifiers help newborns to breathe easier so they sleep better and feed with less frustration? Newborns lose moisture in their skin twice as fast as adults do, and humidifiers help their skin retain moisture. Not only does the Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist increase air moisture for easier breathing and a good night’s sleep, it helps relieves cough, cold, and flu symptoms, nasal congestion, dry cough, sinus irritation, nose bleeds, and dry skin and hair. A restful night's sleep? TREAT! And as a special to all of our TSM readers, use code HEALTHY16 for $15.00 off a 1 gallon Drop or Adorable Humidifier and free shipping from the Crane website!

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and since we are talking about caring for our littles, I love the reflective strips from
Brilliant Reflective . Now that my littles are getting a little older, we will be trick or treating at dusk and I do worry about how visible they will be. The chance of getting hit by a car doubles on Halloween night {SafeKids.org}. These reflective strips from
Brilliant Reflective can be put on any costume and accessory which will allow a driver to see trick or treaters from hundreds of feet away. (This is the same reflective 3M Scotchlite material used by the US Military, apparel brands, uniforms for police and fire departments, etc. so we know it's effective)

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But of course, strategic placement of the Brilliant Reflective strips is important so the child can be seen moving and from all directions. It's a good idea to put the Brilliant Reflective strips on your children's shoes so a driver will see them walking. The human eye picks up motion and the driver will innately respond much faster to that. It's important to make sure the trick or treater is seen from all sides - 360 visibility.

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If Halloween crept up on you this year (you are not alone!) and you need some short-cuts to get your through, we have many ways to celebrate sans major effort.

Set the tone for the festivities, and get in the spirit. I See Me! has fun personalized books to encourage kids' imaginations. From pirates to princesses to astronauts, kids can be a part of the story.

Need a quick costume? Some kids don't like to be bogged down with an entire costume but a fun Emoji Masks is festive, simple and fun.

Throwing together a last minute get together? Halloween decorating with GoodHangups is easy peasy. Quickly and easily hang Halloween decorations without any effort or any surface without damage. Good Hang-ups magic comes from their patent pending MagnaStickers that stick to your hanging surface and are easily removable and reusable.

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And just for the fun of it, we are loving the refillable, reusable take on the traditional piñata. The Goody Gusher will release a wide shower of party treats once the Magic Key is pulled. The kids take turns pulling keys until someone finds the Magic Key. Great for indoors or out.

For the baked treat, Molly's Bakeovers, One Smart Cookies, are "makeovers" of the traditional cookie to make them tastier, more nutritious, and free of gluten, dairy, peanuts, egg, and soy.

Great to go with outfits, Bumkins has a variety of bags and snack bags in Disney, DC Comics, and Dr. Seuss, perfect for carrying candy or just snacks on the go! Plus, the caped diapers allow the little ones to participate in the fun too!

and since we know Halloween isn't just for the kids, Magnetic Spooky Halloween charms from Simply Charmed are a must-have. They quickly and easily help you identify your Halloween potion of choice. Just like that, you’re both in theme and in the know where your adult beverage is concerned.

For fun entertainment,Redbox has great Halloween movies to get in the spirit! From classic horror films to kid-friendly Halloween specials, movies for the whole family are available!

A glow-in-the-dark bug repellent is the perfect twofer in Halloween safety! The waterproof Bugband Glow in the Dark wristband is an effective, DEET-free band that works effectively to repel insects naturally. Great for kids of all ages and pets too!

For those Peanut Butter lovers, Justin’s Organic Peanut Butter Cups two-cup packs are available in white, milk and dark chocolate are sure to please every sweet-toothed trick or treater. Or go "mini" with Justin’s delicious 100% organic, GF peanut butter cups, in a festive Halloween-themed wrapper! Spooky, delicious and ideal for candy dishes.

We all know at least some treats will be had. To combat cavities from candy, CloSYS is the perfect oral care system. Great for sensitive teeth, the system improves overall oral health while working to reduce sensitivity. Plus, the whole line is alcohol and sulfate-free as well as pH balanced.

Once all the treats have been gathered, The Switch Witch and the Magic of Switchcraft will be waiting with a magical solution that encourages good behavior and rewards kids when they switch out their their pounds of Halloween candy for the season’s must-have toy or book. Switch Witches is an interactive website created to support teachers and families as they promote health, wellness and interactivity throughout the Fall.

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