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Genesis Wine and Champagne Preserver {Review}

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I love having a glass of wine with a good meal but I don't want to drink the whole bottle. We've all had it happen at one point or another - You open a bottle of wine, drink one glass and before you can drink the rest of the bottle, the wine goes bad in a day or 2. Nobody likes to waste wine, and mamas are no exception.

Depending on the wine, it doesn't take long for it to get too much oxygenation and start to turn to vinegar to your palate. This is where the Genesis Wine and Champage Preserver is a wine lifesaver.

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What is Genesis?

This wine preservation system, created by Napa Technology the leader in wine preservation, has long been available at fine restaurants, but this is the first time that you can own this wine preservation system in your own home!

Genesis allows you to save a bottle of still wine for up to 2 months and a bottle of champagne for up to 5 days!

"Tonight or this weekend, sparkling or still, your wines will be as brilliant as the very first sip."

I got to test out the Genesis Elite which includes:

  • One Genesis Preservation and Wine Dispensing Unit
  • Two WineGas Argon Capsules (preserves up to 120 glasses)*
  • One IntelliCork Wine Dispensing Head
  • One IntelliCork Sparkling Wine Preservation Head
  • One Pack Pick-Up Tubes
  • One Pack Assorted Gaskets
  • One Sizing Tool
  • One User Manual

The Genesis Elite is theperfect starter model for your home wine preservation needs and would make a perfect gift for the wine loving Mama in your life!

How does it work?

It's so easy and the manual has clear step-by-step instructions with illustrations. Once you open a bottle of wine, you size your bottle with the handy bottle sizer that's included.

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You choose your gasket size so that it fits snuggly fit into your bottle and attach it into your IntelliCork dispensing head. The gaskets are colored coded for convenience.

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Once you've chosen the correct size gasket (red is mostly used for wine made in the USA) you simply attach the IntelliCork with a simple twist to your bottle and slide it into the Genesis system to preserve it.

The IntelliCork technology provides vacuum and gas preservation technology. It removes the oxygen and replaces it with argon Winegas which eliminates any possibility of oxygenation.

I recommend pouring your first glass of wine first. For whatever reason when I attached the IntelliCork to my bottle it seemed like my bottle was too full and a few drops of wine ran down the side. Once I got my IntelliCork secured I had no issues getting it into the system and using it though. It's really so simple!

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With the simple flip of a switch, 3 seconds later your wine is preserved for up to 2 months! No more wasting a bottle for just one glass!

I'll be honest, I was worried that the Argon Winegas would give the wine a strange taste but it doesn't. I won't go into too much of the chemistry behind it but basically after learning more about Argon gas I discovered it is a noble gas that is colorless, tasteless and odorless. Argon is in the air we breathe. It's heavier than oxygen and concentrating argon allows it to create a vapor barrier that keeps oxygen away from your wine. A perfectly safe way to preserve wine. I can thank science when I'm enjoying my next glass of wine!

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You can preserve as many bottles of wine as you would like since the preservation heads allow you remove each bottle from the system while still keeping it preserved. You can purchase extra IntelliCork wine dispensers from their accessories shop.

I was amazed at how easy it was to attach the IntelliCork onto my bottles of wine. I've tested this system out with 2 different bottles of still wine so far. Both bottles kept their fresh just opened taste much longer than they would have normally with just a regular wine stopper or my old trick of turning the cork upside down.

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I'm not much of a sparkling wine drinker so I probably won't use that particular dispensing head much, only very special occasions or birthdays. But, I can definitely see us investing in a couple more of the IntelliCork dispensing heads for still wines so that I can open several bottles of wine at a time and not feel like I'm going to waste them.

The Genesis Wine Preservation system is great for couples who have different tastes in wine. You can both open your favorite bottles of wine and enjoy a glass when you want it without wasting the whole bottle or risking it going bad before you can finish it off. Or, if you just want a few different bottles open for different meals or occasions, it's great for that too. No more boxed wines, yay!

Shop! The Genesis Elite Wine Preservation System is the middle of the line model, and it retails for $399. They also offer the Genesis which doesn't include the Sparkling Wine Preservation head and only includes 1 bottle of Winegas. Or, if you want the whole deal, you can splurge for the Genesis PRO Wine Preserver. You can read more about each system and purchase the wine preservation system that best suits your needs in the Genesis Shop.

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