Five Genuis Christmas Storage Solutions


Christmas has come and gone and as the new year ushers itself in, with either sadness or glee the realization is it is time to take down the Christmas ornaments and decorations. If you are anything like me and had a ball of Christmas lights to detangle this year it may be worth it to take a few extra minutes to properly store your Christmas decor this year to make life easier next year.

Here are 5 genius methods in which to store your seasonal decor. Find some of these simple useful items at the dollar store, the drive thru or you may have them already which makes these ideas even better!

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1. If you had at least one gift delivery cut the flaps off the box and use them to keep your Christmas lights detangled via Martha Stewart

2. Keep Christmas lights together neatly by placing each strand in its own plastic bag via Better Homes and Garden

3. Those red cups now have another purpose. They make great options for safely storing ornaments via Moms Party Cafe

4. It's not unusual to bypass the offer for drink carriers but this will make you say yes! Use these to store ornaments safely via Sew Many Ways

5. Nothing sweeter than those precious handmade ornaments. Create a keepsake box for each child to keep those memories in tact via Pine Feather

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