First Ever Line of Dolls with Disabilities is Launched in Response to the #ToyLikeMe Campaign

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Parents of children with disabilities have been calling for a makeover in the toy industry. They want toys that will be more inclusive of all children and want toy companies to create toys that reflect the different disabilities that children have. These parents launched a Twitter and Facebook campaign called #ToyLikeMe to show people and toy companies who exactly they were excluding.

Makies, a toy company in England listened and now they've launched the first ever line of dolls with disabilities inspired and endorsed by the #ToyLikeMe campaign.

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It's so inspiring and refreshing to see dolls that are like everyday children. Less divas and soldiers and more toys that children can really relate too and feel connected with. Every child is different and it's always fun to get a doll that looks like you or has the same likes and interests as you. Makies are totally customizable 3-d printed dolls, now with all-inclusive accessories like a birthmark, hearing aid and cane.

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Makies is a small company but the idea has been such a big hit they're doing their best to include everyone. They have a list of current suggestions of accessories to add to Makies dolls and they are working on adding new inclusive customizations to their accessories list. They are currently working on creating the perfect doll wheelchair and insulin pump to add to the line soon.

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You can browse their full suggestions list and make your own suggestions as well. The list is surprising long and you can see just how important this #ToyLikeMe campaign has been to children and their families.

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Makies dolls are meant to be loved for a lifetime and are make with swappable parts and an ever growing range of accessories for your dolls. If you already have a Makies doll, you can just purchase the accessories like this cane for example.

Use their handie Makie Maker tool to start designing your own custom doll today or give one as a gift!

Shop! Shop all the dolls and accessories at and shop the new #ToyLikeMe Endorsed Dolls for even more inclusive accessories. Follow the Makies Facebook page to keep in touch with the latest news and designs as they are being released.

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