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Explore the World With Kitchen Table Passport

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We love taking our children to different places and having them experience cultures from around the world. While we were living overseas it was easier to travel to foreign places, but now that we're back in the USA, it's harder to expose our kids to new and exciting cultures. And then I found Kitchen Table Passport. Kitchen Table Passport a great way to introduce your kids to a different place and culture every month. Your experience takes place over a meal.

What is Kitchen Table Passport?

Kitchen Table Passport is a monthly subscription box service. It's basically a cultural experience in a box. It's curated by people who have lived or traveled to the places so it's truly authentic. You can fully immerse yourself in another culture through taste, touch, sound and smell.

The first thing you see when you open your Kitchen Table Passport box is a welcome card so you can see what country you are going to be experiencing.

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How it works

Each month, you get your specially curated box filled with goodies from the designated country. With each box, you can experience "just a taste" with spices and herbs that are local to the region and a unique recipe. Mementos and discovery cards are included too so you can learn more about the country you are "exploring."

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This month we got to discover Vietnam. We got a recipe for Pho and some yummy smelling spices to create it. We also got a silk lantern and a floating dragonfly that balances on your finger like magic. My kids really loved the dragonfly.

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Our recipe card was for Pho (pronounced fuh, a tip we learned from the discovery card). It's a popular dish in Vietnam. You create a broth using the spice packet provided and add in noddles and beef. The hot broth ladled in your bowl cooks the meat. Top it with fresh herbs and sriracha (optional) and you've got a wonderful taste of Vietnam in a bowl.

I really liked that the Kitchen Table Passport box came with two spice packets so we can make this meal again easily. And it was yummy, so it's something we look forward to making again and enjoying as a family.

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The next month is Czech Republic/ I'm excited to see what is included in that Kitchen Table Passport box! You can see and order the previous boxes here.

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Shop! Visit Kitchen Table Passport to get started with your first box. Subscription boxes start at $24.95/month but you can get "just a taste" and try the recipe and spices for $9.95. Limited time: Start today with a free $10 gift card.

This is not a sponsored post. We were samples for review All opinions are our own.

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